Three - Up Books

Nurse Referral - Teacher form to use when sending a student to the nurse's office or for the nurse to use for readmission to class.

Course Schedule Change Notice - Form to use to change from old schedule to new schedule with Administration and Parent's signature fields.

Homework Notice - Provides a way for teachers to communicate with parents regarding missing or incomplete assignments.

Detention Notice - Is designed to inform guardians that the student has been assigned detention and for what reason.

Six - Up Slip Books

Absent-Tardy Admission Slip - Administration verification that student has checked into the office and absent/tardy has been recorded with a duplicate record remaining in the office.

Early Dismissal Slip - Slip that states name, grade, reason and time for an authorized early dismissal.

Hall Pass - Slip to document reason student needs to leave the classroom. Has check off list and date/time information as well as teacher signature area.

Bus Pass - Students temporary pass notifying driver of the student, route, number of days and reason for pass.

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