Customized Mother’s Day Stationeries: A Great Business Idea!

Customized Mother’s Day Stationeries: A Great Business Idea!

All businesses are required to have their own receipt books. It is a document that regulatory agencies mandate all business enterprises should issue to its customers and clients to record the sale of products or services.

Because it is mandated by the regulatory agencies, it must follow certain presentation requirements in order for it to be fully compliant. But why is it being mandated by regulatory agencies? What purpose do these receipts serve?

Receipts serve as the written acknowledgment of the individual who received the payment in exchange for a product or a service.
For the business enterprise, this receipt provides the trail when accounting for the revenue and cash sales and collections. When summarized, the total of the receipts issued should equal the revenue or cash sales for a certain period.
With a reliable receipt book, the business can also easily monitor the recording of transactions and incidentally, the taxes to be paid locally and to the federal government.
For medium-sized businesses, the issuance of a receipt is an internal control procedure. One can use the official receipt to match the number of items sold between the amounts of cash received.
For the buyer, this serves as evidence or proof of purchase. For certain companies or businesses with return policies, a customer can only return the purchased item upon presentation of a proof of purchase or a receipt.

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